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Milonga Para Los Niños Events

Milonga Para Los Niños directly organises Tango dance events and coordinates with Tango teachers, schools and organisers around the world to organise Tango dances (Milongas) for the benefit of the charity.


Tango is characterised by a close, warm, caring and friendy embrace.  Milonga Para Los Niños organisers share a worldwide Tango embrace for the children of Argentina and latin America.


Milonga Para Los Niños events are for the benefit of the children.  We pay only direct expenses, including the hire of venues, bands and other necessities to make our events welcoming and in the true spirit of Tango.


All money after expenses is directly used to make a difference in the lives of children in Latin America and Argentina, the home of Tango. Many of our regular venues, bands and other expences give us a substantial discount as we have been a successful charity for some 10 years and have proven our ability to get things done for our Para Los Niños family.


If you have any queries on where the money gets spent we invite you to take a look at our images and videos of the children and their carers we support.


Any donation is very welcome both in money and time. We have a dedicated charity volunteer staff but we need your help to succeed.


For details of how to help, CLICK HERE >>




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