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Changing lives with a new regional student hostel

In late 2017 we worked with Presente Escuelas Rurales (Rural Schools Aid) to send Christmas packages to families in northern Argentina. We found them to be very well organised and communicative.

This group has sponsored some important regional programs including a safe water program with portable water purifiers and remote school construction projects.

Following this small venture we have decided to support their major project for 2018, the construction of a tertiary residential hostel in Villa Atamisqui, Santiago del Estero province. The planning and design is completed and the land was secured last month with a grant from the mayor of Villa Atamisqui. Construction will commence this month.

Milonga Para Los Niños will commence our sponsorship with the purchase of the 30,000 bricks required for the project. We expect delivery of the bricks in May. The order for the bricks will be placed locally in order to bring more business to the region.

Presente Escuelas Rurales is a registered “Civil Association” (similar to a registered charity in Australia). We are delighted to be able to support the education of children in Argentina with this very well organised group.

In the words of the president of Presente, Lorena Gomez, “Thank you on behalf of so many young Argentines who will have the opportunity to change their future.”

Milonga Para Los Niños raises funds through regular practicas and milongas in SE Queensland and regular special milongas and events organised by friends of Milonga Para Los Niños around Australia and the world.

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