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  • Cheryl Lowry

Helping new friends helps old friends

At the start of 2018, Lorena had a big dream, to build a modest University Residential College in the country, at Vila Atamisque, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, to assist young people receive a tertiary education. Without the ability to stay in town, these young people would not be able to continue their education.

With a grant of land and a lot of hope Friends of Rural Schools (Presente Rurales Escuelas) began construction, raising the necessary funds along the way. Nobody knew how long it would take to raise the funds and complete the project.

Brick Kiln
Local brick kiln

Milonga Para Los Niños became a major sponsor, assisting with the purchase of bricks, concrete, roofing and plastering. Other friends from Germany, Italy and Buenos Aires joined the challenge.

As the project nears completion, it is time to congratulate all the contributors and workers who helped made Lorena's dream a reality.

This week, the local community gathered together for a "painting party".

as the project was coming to completion, our minds turned to fitting out the building, and to our old friend Martin Aguilera, who we have known since 2003. We had seen some of his furniture, so with Lorena's agreement, we commissioned Martin to manufacture essential furniture including beds, chairs and tables. All made of steel and timber, the solid furniture will be perfect for the purpose.

We are delighted that we were able to connect Martin with this project and, by helping new friends, we can help old friends.

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