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The face of COURAGE - Martin's Story

We met Martin "Pacho" Aguiliera around 2003. He was in his 20's and wheelchair bound, having been injured in an accident at 15. He and his wife had set up home as part of the extended family of our first foster home, Los Horneros, where he spent his childhood. He proudly pointed out the furniture that he had made from raw timber. Martin is artistic, talented and industrious. We were not to know hat this was just the beginning of his dream.

Around 2013, we heard on the grapevine that he was suffering in his original chair, so we organised a new one. Years later a good friend completed it with a special pillow to reduce pressure sores.

We visited again in 2016. This time he showed us the house that he built, laying each frame out on the ground before his mates helped lift it into place. He then presented us with a beautiful sculpture of Troilo with a dancing couple. He had carved it for they day we might return.

Now he works with steel, making quality steel and timber furniture from his workshop at home.

We have a crazy dream - perhaps Martin can manufacture the furniture for the new Student University Albergue in Santiago del Estero. It's quite a call and the logistics have to come together, but Martin's enthusiasm and ability show us that nothing is impossible.

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