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2021 - A Story of Success in Testing Times

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Milonga Para Los Niños;

John Lowry

Even in uncertain and difficult times, the World Wide Tango Embrace, founded by Milonga Para Los Niños in 2001, continues to make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

Our initial focus through the 2000's was on helping with essential physical and emotional needs of children in foster homes, rebuilding (in collaboration with other local and international supporters) and extending existing foster homes on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. These homes are much more stable now, and their day-to-day needs are cared for, as much as possible, by local volunteers and supporters. We are satisfied and happy to have made a significant difference in the lives of children, with the hope that many will go on to make a real contribution to their communities and country.

Through opportunities that arose after 2010, we shifted our focus to rural areas in the north of Argentina, centred on the Santiago del Estero region, initially funding the construction of small pre-school and school houses. We were struck by the willingness and enthusiasm of the local communities to contribute their time and effort into these projects. In once case, the families hand-made adobe bricks for the construction of a new school. Through these small projects we were introduced to Presente Escuelas Rurales (Patrons of Rural Schools), founded by Lorena Gomez. Lorena is an incredibly energetic and well-organised woman, who is passionate about giving children opportunity through education and health care.

Since our vision has always been to "help people help themselves", education was a natural fit for us. We agreed to participate in the development of a student residential college, in the town of Vila Atamisque. The purpose of the project was to provide residential accommodation for university & tertiary students who would otherwise find it impossible to attend university, mainly because of the long and difficult travel challenges to be faced.

There were many added benefits during construction, providing work for local suppliers and contractors. Once again, the contribution of volunteers was exceptional. We also had the opportunity to include a collaboration with Martin Pablo Aguilera, one of the most courageous people we know, who hand made all the initial furniture for the college.

Officially opened in April 2020, The first stage of the Student Albergue (residential hostel) is a terrific success. Each annual intake of students adds to the benefit to the local community. Many of the students are undertaking further studies in education and healthcare, to continue to work with and support their communities.

The operations are supported by local people and others patrons. Cooking and housework is undertaken by the students and volunteers. It is a wonderful and amazing demonstration of a community coming together to create a miracle. But it's not just a local community, this is made possible from support from the Worldwide Tango Community, together with many volunteers and donors in Argentina.

Milonga Para Los Niños is honoured to have been included on this wonderful journey, and to have known these trusted friends.

At the close of each year, Lorena reports on the past year, as we look ahead to the new year. Here is her 2021 letter:

You can see the accompanying photos here (click the photo)

Dear friends,

First of all, my greatest wish is that you are well, this pandemic left us all very still, it froze all dreams, but they have already begun to wake up and start working.

Thank God we saw with great pride how the Student Hostel began to function, to see each young person happy, in this beautiful place they have, to see them enjoy a hot shower, to see each minimum detail that for them became a first time, to have a computer, light, shower with hot water. A dream come true. This year, God willing, they will receive classes to learn how to use the computer, since only one of the 20 young people knows how to use it.

Let's get to work with the second part of the Project. Carrying out trade workshops, which are essential for them to learn a trade with which to earn their money and not have to go to work in the harvests in a very precarious job for very little money.

The project is to build the library next to the hostel, 7.5 meters long x 3.60 meters wide, where the two computers and printer can be moved and transformed into a place of study and research and then two classrooms measuring 7 meters x 8mts, with a bathroom and an address.

Place where workshops on electricity, motorcycle repair, cooking, pedicure, hairdresser.

Where our young people from the Hostel and the Community will be able to access several courses.

We know that the only way to get out of poverty is Education, we are happy to have people like you who look far away to where it is necessary to extend a bridge of solidarity and there they send their great help, without it nothing would have been possible, There are no words to thank you so much.

From this humble corner of Argentina I hug you very strongly, I ask God to bless you always.

Lorraine Gomez

Email covering photos:

With this photo I want to say goodbye to the year!!🧡 Difficult year but we managed to see Our Hostel working, with which we see how our Youth invite us to dream of a better future. Thank you for making this dream a beautiful reality. I sincerely wish you an excellent 2022. ❤️❤️✨

Hello!!! I hope you are fine!!! Happy New Year

Sorry for the delay in sending you the project. Thank you very much in advance. God bless you!!

I love this photo

_Presente 2021 End of year letter
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