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New Kindergarten in Salta

We have been referred to Con Corazon en Las Manos by our Tango friends at Solidaria JugarxJugar to assist with the construction of a new kindergarten in the far North of Argentina. Here is their story:

This project began in our last visit to the school Paraje La Mora, San Martin, Salta (in the impenetrable Chaco-Salta), where we found a kindergarten, with 16 students, where only some had chairs to sit; the room was divided by a curtain dividing the classroom and a bed where the kindergarten teacher sleeps. The teacher remains on site for several weeks, between visits home, a long and arduous drive. The teacher uses the back of the door to the classroom as a blackboard.

Therefore, we started this project called "A CLASSROOM FOR MY GARDEN", to buy the material to build a classroom of 20 m2, with all accessories, at a cost of AR$ 90.000.-

The proposed new classroom is the size of a large bedroom, but it will help to change the life of children. We can do it with a BIG tango embrace.

Soc. Para Los Niños has kicked this project off with a donation or AR$10,000 (less than AU$1,000). We want your help to complete construction this year. Our target is 8 milongas raising AU$1,000 or 16 Milongas raising AU$500.

If you can spare one milonga, please read the Get Involved page on the Milonga Para Los Niños website and Contact us

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