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  • John Lowry

How a little help can achieve a lot.

Three months ago our close colleagues in Buenos Aires alerted us to the challenge to build a small, 20 square metre, kindergarten for children in the north-west of Agentina. Milonga Para Los Niños kicked the project off with a 30% donation. Since then, the Buenos Aires Tango community and friends have built the fund to 80%. With your help the project will be fully funded before the next visit to the school on 20 August.

here is how the project began, "This project was born in our last visit to the school Paraje La Mora, San Martin, Salta (in the impenetrable Chaco-Salta), where we found a kindergarten with 16 students, of which only some had chairs to sit on. The back of the door is used as a blackboard. The classroom is divided by a curtain between the classroom and a bed to sleep the kindergarten teacher, who remains on site for several weeks, sine her home is a good distance away and difficult to get to. Therefore, we started this project called "A CLASSROOM FOR MY GARDEN”, to buy the materials for to build a classroom of 20 m2, with all accessories, which has a cost of AR$ 90.000.

The director of the school, parents, friends and neighbours with undertake the construction”.

Milonga Para Los Niños. Holding the hand of a child through your love of Tango. You can embrace the children of Argentina with one milonga per year.

The next Milonga Para Los Niños is hosted by the Melbourne Practica Group on 31 July 2016

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