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Remember the Starfish? - Making a Difference, One by One

Remember the story of the child and the starfish? It's about making a difference in small ways, one by one.

Together with our friends ar Jugar x Jugar Solidarity and Corazon en Manos, MPLN continues to make a big difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in Argentina by helping out at the grass roots level. No big picture projects here, but we do make a real difference to real children's lives.

Here is the latest report from an “up country" school:

"The Rural School wants to thank all those who made possible the realisation of the computer room that now has 10 Computers and 2 printers, donated by you.

With the same help, we can also provide a daily cup of milk until year end, if possible.

And finally EFA Agricultural School for boys who receive scholarships and are also supported by Jugar x Jugar Solidarity, (Play (music) for Solidarity) met with the parents of the Rural School to coordinate outreach work and work jointly with parents, to carry forward the orchard project to improve the quality of life of these 50 rural families, led by teachers and authorities. The Children's Orchard Foundation has offered its support to make the project successful.

The photos illustrate the meeting held with EFA Agricultural School, and children with their Master of Computer Science.

Thanks to all ,,,, especially Hugo and Mary (JugarxJugar) for supporting the Rural Schools, to APAER, and Casa Oscar Piano.

Sds Mabe"

Disability Support in General Las Heras

As people in the Tango scene would know, many people are really doing it tough at the moment in Argentina. We have a request from one of or oldest friends in Argentina to see if we can assist with a craft weaving program for a disabled group in General Las Heras, a country town about 100 kilometres from Buenos Aires. Our friend Suzue has been running an arts and craft studios in Las heras for the past 10 years.

We are gathering information about the organisation and their needs.

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