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Another Day, another School !

We are delighted to announce that the Rural Kindy in Salta will reach its goal this month with the support of Jugar x Jugar. construction will commence soon. We are looking forward to the photos.

We have turned our attention to a school in El Dorado Santiago, north of Cordoba. here, Lorena Gomez, the driving force behind Presente Escuelas Rurales explains the project;

"The parents of the school 460 El Dorado Pl., Santiago del Estero, tired of asking for 6 years for a kindergarten room for their children and tired of false promises, decided to put their hands to work and build it themselves.

And so the parents started to make bricks, guided and accompanied by the school headmistress, Sandra Orellana, who is the driving force of the community.

The Kindergarten built by their own hands. Every brick will be an example for their children. Full of pride, to see them work and with the desire to do that!! The fathers are working, mothers cooking and accompanied by a great team!!

So much to learn from them here in the city!!

When these things happen one cannot look the other way, we must support in whatever way we can to help. Every little bit counts.

They have to buy the materials to build and finish the building, giving shape to that magical garden that the children eagerly await, transforming the mud into their beautiful kindergarten.

As a parent says, ”I just love transforming mud into something wonderful!”

Let's form a part of that great chain of love to buy the doors, windows, tiles, paint, roof and other materials. Together we will form part of that garden, part of that great team work.

When these things happen one feels pride in the depths of the heart!!"

Check out the Photo Gallery >>

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