• John Lowry

New roof - New hope

Every picture tells a story. These pictures tell a sad story, but we can change the story with a very small sacrifice.

A small project for us, but one that can help sustain a family of children in crisis. These children are living together in abject poverty. They need a house where they can live, away from abuse and hunger.

Milonga Para Los Niños is assisting to provide roofing, a door and a window, a bunk bed, table and chairs so that they can have a safe, decent home.


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Sociedad Para Los Niños (Society for the Children) is an incorporated non-profit benefit

organised by the Tango community of Australia for the children of Argentina & Latin America.


37/2 Ridgeline Way,

Highland Park.  4211

Gold Coast, Australia.           Email:    Phone:   +61 7 5668 1505

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